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Our Materials

In selecting materials, we look for a product that can meet three simple expectations we have for our products:

  1. Appearance: we want a natural appearance that will fit a variety of home styles and age well. Essentially the opposite of the Beetlejuice house or Dorsia in American Psycho.
  2. Durability: we make furniture that is meant to last years and move with you from your dorm, first apartment, moving in together, to your first house and beyond.
  3. Sustainability: we want our materials to be eco-friendly and renewable.

1" European Birch Europly material. Console Table, Hall Table, Entry Table, Caramba Home
We use the highest BB/BB grade 1” European Birch Europly with a Maple veneer. European Birch is some of the strongest, straightest and most durable hardwood material you can buy. The BB/BB grade Maple veneer means you can expect a nearly flawless, blemish and patch free face. All together, it’s an ideal product for making beautiful, durable and sustainable furniture, which is our goal.

After researching and prototyping several materials, including traditional hardwoods like oak, ash and walnut, domestic plywoods and even ¾”or ½” birch, we chose our 1” European Birch Europly material for several key reasons:

1. Aesthetics
The BB/BB is the highest grade veneer available. This means we can expect a nearly flawless appearance on the top and bottom of all our pieces. You won’t see a bunch of patches to correct knots or voids. Plywood is still made from natural materials, so we do expect some flaws, but we’re able to work around them in several quality assurance steps from initial sheet selection at the yard, additional reviews before production and finishing as well. If there are visibly unattractive flaws we will work around them or reject the piece.
2. Longevity
  1. European Birch is fairly slow growing and well proven hardwood. It’s much stronger and better suited for furniture than poplar, which is commonly used in domestic plywoods.
  2. Crossband construction means that each layer is laid perpendicular to the other, providing a strong, straight and stable board that won’t warp, bend or expand like a standard wood material.
  3. The 1” material we use contains 19 layers. More layers, and thicker material means it’s just stronger, straighter and holds together for a tighter fit.
3. Sustainability
  1. It’s FSC Certified. The Forestry Stewardship Council ensures that producers follow their set of 10 principles and 57 criteria for renewable forest management.
  2. Our Europly material meets or exceeds low emission standards for both  LEED Environmental Quality 4.4 and the California Air Resources Board(CARB Phase 2 guidance.

All of this simply means that the products you buy from Caramba are easy on our environment, won’t fall apart after one move and will look great for a long time to come.